Achievement. Just another skill of a ninja. Welcome to the Nagato clan! Ninjas don't wish upon a star, they throw them. Welcome to the Nagato clan!

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Nagato isn't just an MCN, it's the future for independent content creation.

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Nagato is a Multi Channel Network built into a platform that helps you independently build and run a successful YouTube channel. Nagato is designed to provide tools that give you insights about your channel and solutions to problems you might encounter.

Through our Nagato Clan community you will come in contact with people that you can learn from, collaborate with and compete against to keep your content creation fun and on point. If something seems hard to accomplish, simply recruit a team to help you reach your goal.

Nagato wants you to focus on your passion and is here to help you all the way!


We have the tools you need to take your YouTube channel to the next level.

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When you join Nagato you get access to a professional advisor and a big friendly community. Find other creative minds that you can share ideas and collaborate with.
Fulfill your passion to create!
Through our team tailoring service you can set up your own dream team to help make your content appealing and professional. Find film editors, musicians, designers and translators to create custom content for you and reduce your workload.


Developed by professionals

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Nagato is developed by Tourn International with the intent to make YouTube creators more independent. As an influencer tech company, Tourn International has for many years been successfully creating game changing tech for independent bloggers.
Now we bring our expertise and unique mindset to the YouTube platform.

Tourn international was started in 2013 by people with a passion for tech and a vision to change the influencer landscape. It is the largest social media company in Northern Europe and earned 5th place on Deloitte's ranking list "Sweden Technology Fast 50" in 2018.


How we help you

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New feature updates every month with music apps and many more things

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Content Protection

Take down any unauthorized use of your original content.

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Thriving Forums

Interact with other partners on the official forum.

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Hands on support

Get help with setting up your channel and contacting Youtube.

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Accelerated Growth

Make collaborations with other channels in the community and get better features to make your channels more visible.

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Build up your team of editors and advisors inside Nagato

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Get rewards and be a part of the Nagato community.

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Get contracts to promote big brands.

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